What is the role of Sadguru in our life?

Sadguru gives the ability of God realization. His first function is to evolve and give the experience of attaining the state of ‘Paramhansa’ to deserving human beings. Without the grace of a Sadguru it is impossible to achieve this state. One in billions can achieve this state and beyond. ‘Paramukti’ and ‘turiyavastha’ can be attained with great difficulty.

Sadguru removes all the impediments in the path of spiritual evolution of the human being who come in His contact. Sadguru breaks of a devotee concepts caused by sheer intellect. All such concepts are symbols of ignorance. When ignorance is dispelled his inner knowledge gets illuminated itself. The true knowledge is veiled by the concepts taught to us from childhood. Therefore, it is necessary to shed them. For a man who thinks that he is the most intelligent person, the Sadguru wipes out his ego of intellect till he admits that his intellect is full of follies. The Sadguru works upon the human society intensely that human beings can transcend over all his limitations and attain a limitless state.

Is it true that Sadguru take the sufferings of others?

The Sadgurus are without any past Karma bindings. In them, the seeds of all past Karmas are burnt. They are in a state of Karmik vacuum. Therefore, the effects of Karma of anyone coming into their contact enter into that vacuum. This is true whether one know it or not. This work is carried out for Sadgurus, for all souls coming into their contact in any manner. Whether human being wants it or not, is also not material because the law of compassion of nature working through the Sadguru works spontaneously. When a horse was beaten up, Baba's back turned black and blue with beatings, this is only a small instance. Whenever Baba’s devotee is in pain, Baba naturally experiences it in His subtle body. The moment a devotee has a thought or bhava in heart or we utter a word from our mouth, a vibration or ray instantly reaches the Sadguru. As Baba used to say “Be wherever you are and do whatever you like, I will know it even if I am thousands of miles away from you”.

Our faith gets shaken up with the blow of wind. How do we stop this and do not let it happen to us?

For these who want to come closer to Baba the only way is to keep unshakable faith in Him under all circumstances. But some people come to Sadguru with the desire of worldly gains or exhibit their devotion with such expectations hidden in their hearts.

Sometimes, when their desires are not fulfilled or when they have to suffer the consequences of their own Prarabdha (past actions), they tend to lose faith. In the time of any Avtaar or Sadguru every wish of every man was never fulfilled. Sadguru, never fulfills those desires, which would become barrier in their spiritual progress. There is His hand behind both, the fulfillment or unfulfillment, of such desires. Therefore, one who can experience Baba both, in pleasure and pain, is the true devotee. The pleasure seekers are bound to deviate from the path as they don’t seek the love of the master but the material benefits.

I have been going through a very trying time. Many times I feel that my faith is being tested, as Baba doesn't answer my prayers. How come I get no help from Baba?

All actions played by Baba behind the scene for his devotees may not be known to the person at that time. Knowing the past kanna of the devotee, the Sadguru quietly works on him. One has to have faith and patience to reap the benefits of His blessings in the due course, and also at the time ordained by Him. That is why Baba qualified the word "Shraddha" (faith) with "Saburi" (patience). One cannot stand without the other. If you read "Shri Sai Satcharitra" you will get your answers as Baba did answer these queries of devotees in His own way.

I am an ardent devotee of Shri Sai Baba. I am facing lots of problems at present. Sometimes my faith in God starts dwindling and I feel there is nothing greater than destiny. Is my feeling correct?

I am sure that what you think to be a problem is nothing but certain types of experience given to you in order to evolve you. Destiny is always created by God, through our efforts. As per the Karma Theory of the Hindus nothing happens in life i.e. good or bad unless one has earned it through his actions in the past lives or in this life. In Shri Sai Sat Sachritra, Baba has advised his devotees not to be shaken by any problem whatsoever but to maintain patience and see what is coming in future while praying him all the time.

The faith in Baba should never diminish. Will I be successful in achieving the same?

It is a good resolve but one has to try hard for it. Read, think, speak, hear, write, and meditate on Him. Put up your entire faculties on Him. Hold on to Shraddha (Bhakti) with Saburi (Patience).

Why the mind is not under full control even if we try for it? Can one expedite the eligibility for His Grace to realize the happiness borne out of complete faith?

Peace of mind will only come by the grace of the Master, when one is eligible for it. Eligibility will come through a continuous process of uplifting one’s virtues by speech, conduct and thought. This is possible if one surrenders to Him. Striving with faith and patience towards the path will bring the grace of the Sadguru.

While treading the path towards Baba if a devotee feels surrounded by despair, what should he do?

I have said in one of my poems – “Jab dil udaas ho to Sai ka naam lena” i.e. “When one feels depressed one should take the name of Sai” . Human beings have a tendency to feel depressed at times, when facing the pain and miseries of life. But, if such feeling of pain and misery are true, so are the feelings of joy and bliss. One should see the role of Shri Sai in both the situations. In happiness without wasting too much time in rejoicing, if we can help others in getting the same happiness in Baba’s name or work for the cause of Baba then the happiness that we derive will be more lasting. Physical happiness is momentary and once it is gone it brings sorrow as mind has a tendency to yearn for the same or more happiness always, which certainly is not possible in anybody’s life. Whenever you are in sorrowful situation remember Baba’s words. “Keep your balance and see what comes next”. Keeping in touch with Baba internally and thinking of Him reduce sorrow. By reading Shri Sai Satcharitra, by singing Baba’s bhajans the sorrow gets certainly lessened. In bad times one must read about Baba as much as one can, meditate on Him, chant His name, sing His devotional songs and help other people who are in greater distress than us.

When man knows that he is fallen, and therefore not qualified to tread the spiritual path then what should he do?

To this day there has not been any human being who has fallen so low that he is out of the grace of God. Maharishi Balmikii, who wrote Ramayan was a criminal in his earlier part of life. Many dacoits and wicked men have been totally transformed to good human beings with the grace of Guru in the past. It means that however fallen one is, even if to the extent of an ocean, it cannot be greater than the sky of the grace of God. The soul of one who falls low is in great pain and God will be more concerned about him, just like a mother (if she has three-four children) who will be more worried about the particular child who is either more unhappy or is sick. Anybody under the stars can follow any religion suitable to him and gradually, move towards God. Eventually, God will help him through a Sadguru or Master.

When Baba gives His grace equally to all, why cannot all devotees progress in the spiritual path equally?

Sadguru cannot leave His devotees under any circumstances whether the devotee realizes it or not. That is why Baba used to say that one should pray always to Him with Shraddha and Saburi. Whenever the grace of Sai descends upon anybody usually it is seen that his negative qualities reduce and good qualities grow. From those initial experiences only, some of the devotees think that they have reached somewhere in the spiritual plane or they have achieved spiritual knowledge. Taking this initial state of things to be the final state of achievement such people start behaving like Guru and collect disciples. Many people cannot progress because of this and try to live an artificial life. Those who conduct themselves in a normal way after receiving Baba’s grace never exhibit the prowess of the devotion; they gradually achieve closeness with Baba. Nourishing spiritual and religious ambitions is a limitation in the path of spiritual evolution. Some people even after getting the grace of Baba to solve their problem again commit deliberate mistakes because of greed, anger or jealousy. Their growth gets delayed.

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