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  • Sai Karuna Dham , overview

    The setting of Sai Temple is NOIDA was visualized by Rev. Guruji Shri C. B. Satpathy ji in the year 1996. The NOIDA Authority allotted plot No. E-4, Sector-61, Noida, U.P. The Bhumi Pujan of the said plat was performed by Rev. Guruji on 18th May, 2000. Thereafter the construction work was taken up. The Pran Pratishtha of Guru Sthan was performed by Rev. Guruji Shri C. B. Satpathy ji a 17th April, 2001. The Pran Pratishtha of the main temple was performed by Rev. Guruji Shri C. B. Satpathy ji on 13th April, 2003.

    The importance of this temple is that it is the 108th temple in the series of temples constructed with the blessings, guidance and inspiration Guruji who is the Chief Patron of Sai Karuna Dham.
    Different social, religious, educational and other promotional activities were started in the temple premises with the blessings and guidance of Guruji.

  • Food for the poor and underprivileged.

    This activity was started from 13th April, 2003 when Rev. Gurudev directed us to start this activity of feeding or providing food to the poor and under privileged class in the temple. This activity is going on uninterrupted since then and thousands of people are getting benefitted from this. On Thursdays this figure classes to 50,000 people.

  • Social & Education Activities

    The Selfless and human approach of our Chief Patran Shri C. B. Satpathy Ji, a humble beginning of 10 children of labourers were enrolled initially to start basic education. As on today this figure has crossed 350. Trust provides 200 grams of milk to each child who are of the age group of upto 6 years. Mid day meal is also provided to all the students. Now we are getting full support of the parents and they themselves are dropping the children at the school site. Free books and note books are also provided to them.

  • Medical Check up Camps

    Free medical check ups camps were organised by Sai Karuna Dham with the inspiration and direction of Rev. Guruji Shri C. B. Satpathy ji, Last camp was held at village Sorkha in NOIDA and 1104 patients were registered and examined by a team of doctors drown from reputed hospitals in NOIDA. Most of the patients were of mal-nutrition, diabetic, eye vision problems,

    Stomach related problems & joint pains. All these patients were provided free medicines, as prescribed by doctors. Pathological tests were also conducted at the camp site, in addition to ECG, blood pressure etc.

  • Every Saturday OPD Check ups

    Our Chief Patron Sh. C. B. Satpathy ji has advised us to hold regular OPD in the temple premises where poor and under privileged patients should be registered and examined. In this OPD, Dr G.C Vaishnava the doctors in the field of Homeopathy, Eye Specialist, Dental Surgeon, Child Specialist, Orthopedics Specialist and a Physician are available on different days. They examine the patients and prescribe the medicines. Trust provides them free medicines. Some patients are getting regular long term treatment.

  • Providing Food the Patients of Government Hospital

    Trust in providing food to the patients of District Govt. Hospital at Noida where poor people are getting the treatment like Rickshaw pullers, Jhuggi dwellers, Rehdi Pattriwallas etc. The number of patients vary from day to day basis but in any case the number is always above 200 and sometimes is goes upto 400. The diet, as prescribed by the Chief Medical Superintendent is provided to the patients by the volunteers/staff of Sai Karuna Dham.

  • Every Thursday palki Yatra

    Every thursday palky yatra start 8:00pm

  • Piao in Summer

    Revered Guruji directed us to provide drinking water to the common people particularly during summer. Keeping this in mind, Sai Karuna Dham has organized piao at different location where cold water and Rooh Afza is served to all the passerbyes

  • Conclusion

    We are privileged to have such a versatile and genius as our Chief Patron. His life and work are a gift to Sai devotees and to the mankind which, the coming generation will cherish it. His main aim in life is service to mankind before self. The exemplary vision of our Chief Patron can enrich the lives of millions of Sai devotees and make our own lives much more meaningful by adopting the path of service before self. The contributory role of Gurus in the spiritual evolution of the spiritual aspirants is unimaginable.